Cougar Hunts

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When it comes to hunting cats we are the best in the business, we live for hound hunting . come with us and follow our pack of well trained hounds as they track one of these elusive cats through some of the Rocky mountains most scenic country. We hunt cougars from November to May snow or dirt hunting. We use 4 wheel drive pickups, snowmobiles, and atvs to follow the cats depending upon conditions. A cougar hunt with hounds can sometimes become physical fitness test same as bear hunting with hounds. Utah has a conservation program all conservation tags are 100% tax deductible for the buyer. The conservation money from the tags is used on wildlife projects here in Utah. There are draw tags for Utah cougar hunting. There are also over the counter cougar hunting tags here in Utah. We use GPS tracking devices on our dogs to help find easier ways to get. You to the tree. These hunts are a lot of driving looking for lion tracks in fresh snow or dirt. Or we will walk the ridges.

Cougar Hunt Pricing

General Draw Cougar Hunts- $5,500
Tom Cougar Hunts- $8,500
Conservation Tag Cougar Hunts- $8,500

Town Hunts

Town hunts will be motel stays we provide transportation from motel back to motel each day of hunting. We will help you find deals on motels,in the area we decide to go and get your trophy.

Extra Charges

Add 3% to forest or BLM lands that we hunt, add 6.5% for Utah state tax, these will be added to all hunts. Extra guest one person per client 200 dollars will be added a day. If we arrange pickup at airport it is 500 dollars from airport back to airport. Extra days after 5 days each day add 300 dollars a day.

What We Provide

We provide transportation from rental car or motel back to rental car or motel depending on what hunting you are doing. We provide lunches and snacks on all hunts. We provide dinners on all tent stays. We provide trophy care. We provide of taking pictures of you and your trophy.  Or we can take you to a taxidermy of our choice that we know.

Travel Information

Fly to salt lake city Utah or Las Vegas, Nevada. Depending on which area we are hunting and species of choice. Rent a car drive to nearest town. Contact guides or outfitter for what airport to fly to.

Gear List

Bring sleeping bag and pillow for tent stays. Camera, weapon of choice of use or what’s on your tag, ammunition,arrows personal stuff, please dress according to weather conditions here in Utah,  your hunting license and tags of the game species you are hunting.